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REF: 10016A

73×36.5×10 y other measures

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Large blue wicker tray to place ironed clothes. It has two small handles to transport it
It serves as decoration and storage.


The trays are the ideal solution for keeping clothes clean after doing laundry. In addition to being a perfect method of presentation, it allows us to quickly and orderly view everything we keep in them. This BLUE TIRETA TRAY, is the right solution for all the headaches that cause us the lack of storage and disorder of our home.

This tray is made with wicker of optimum quality, that can be seen in its beautiful finishes. This tray is very resistant and has great storage capacity. It has two handles for easy transport.
This tray is intended to serve as storage of clothes after ironing, but due to its beautiful and rustic design this tray serves to decorate any room in our home.

MEASURES: 73 * 36.5 * 10