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Company profile

Company profile
Company profile

Buar Artesanos is a company with 45 years of experience in the production and trading of willow, rattan, bamboo and wood items. We have more than 1000 references that are targeted for quality packaging, decoration, florists, gifts and furnishing.

Buar Artesanos has evolved during all these years and in XXI century we are a modern company managed by experienced people and a good human team with a very innovating view of the future in our field.

We always listen to the needs of our clients and we offer the best quality to the best price.

We are constantly updating our products as much as our designs and know-how. Our philosophy is based on a direct, quick and effective contact with our customers.

Handmade product, exterior measurements (length * width * height), variation ±3 cm
VAT included in the prices
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