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REF: 20244

37×30×14 y other measures

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21,82 € 18,03 € (without VAT)

Wooden suitcase with a nice design in light tones, stamped with the drawing of two wine bottles and their respective glasses. Inside it is lined with black fabric. It has safety locks and a handle for transport.


Wine is something that can never be missing when we talk about a celebration or a specific date, that is why we offer you the SUITCASE SUITCASE WINE is ideal for transporting and storing your best bottles. And with a particular design that will make it the perfect gift for your loved ones. The product is made of plywood, it is resistant and has a very good quality. Inside, it is lined with black fabric. It has two metal locks and a hinged cover. The handle and edge finishes are made of brown leather. Its briefcase shape turns this product into something completely original, in addition to allowing greater ease when transporting it. Its design is very elegant highlighting the print of bottles and wine glasses reminiscent of ancient Tuscan wineries and vines. This briefcase is ideal for transporting bottles of wine or champagne, although it also allows you to store other types of things, such as nougat, sausages, snacks ... In addition, due to its elegant design, it can serve as a decorative element in any corner of our home. MEASURES: 37x30x14 Available with other designs.

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