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REF: 10402BLC

34×23×36 y other measures

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8,30 € 6,86 € (without VAT)

White wicker basket with sturdy handle to use as decoration and storage in home and stores.

Baskets are the most practical and functional solution for decoration and extra storage in our home. For this reason, we offer you this NATURA BLANCA WHITE WICKER BASKET that will become something essential for you. This basket is made of very good quality white wicker. It is a very resistant basket and also has great storage capacity. Its design highlights its beautiful bright white color ideal for decorating light spaces. Similarly, its original shape makes it a special and unique basket. Its spiral-shaped handle gives it the original look, as not many baskets have that design on their handles. This basket is designed for home decoration and storage of various utensils. Due to its beautiful design and color it can be used to make gifts or baby baskets, or lots of different products. MEASURES: 34 * 23 * 14/36 cm. Available in other sizes.

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