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REF: 10416VA

40×27×13 y other measures

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8,55 € 7,07 € (without VAT)

Beautiful chest of drawers made of wicker in purple with fabric inside. This tray is ideal for decoration and storage in the children's bedrooms.


The trays will become an essential element for the home, since they allow you to organize and order any space in your home. They can also serve as a decoration for any corner of your home. For all these reasons, LA PARRI VIOLETA TRAY is what you were looking for.

Both the wicker and the fabric of this chest of drawers are of high quality, this can be seen in its beautiful and delicate finishes. The design of this product is very simple, it highlights its somewhat rounded edges making the set more stylized. And the pretty purple fabric inside that gives you joy.

This product is designed for the storage and decoration of children's or baby bedrooms, although it can also be used in other places in the house such as the bathroom. Due to its design it is ideal for making gifts or batches of products (soaps, colognes, food etc).

MEASURES: 40 * 27 * 13 cm

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