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34×23×14 y other measures

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Gift pack for Valentine's Day. It includes a nice little wicker basket with beige fabric, a white teddy bear and a heart pendant made of wicker. Ideal to make a sweet and romantic gift.


If you want to make a very original and romantic gift this Valentine's Day, it is best to give this beautiful Pack of "Unforgettable Memories". This pack consists of: A beautiful shiny brown wicker basket, lined inside with dark beige fabric decorated with a beautiful brown fabric with flower details. This basket is ideal for decorating homes with a rustic look, to make gifts or batches of products. MEASURES: 34 × 23 × 14 cm A very sweet and soft little teddy bear, ideal as a detail for a loved one. MEASURES: 23 × 17 × 11 cm. And a nice decorative heart-shaped pendant made of braided wicker, a very romantic detail. MEASURES: 10 × 5 × 10 cm