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REF: 60509S

60×40×40 y other measures

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67,59 € 55,86 € (without VAT)

Large white rope trunk with two matching color drawers. This trunk has a hinged cover. Inside it is lined with white fabric. The drawers are also lined on the inside. Ideal for storage and decoration


Trunks are an original and effective alternative for extra storage at home. This rope trunk is the perfect option to have your home always collected, tidy and to your liking, since it also includes two beautiful matching drawers that will help organize the space better. The trunk is made with very good quality braided rope, so it has beautiful finishes. This trunk has a white fabric inside for easy storage. Its cover is hinged. Its design highlights the beautiful and bright white color of the trunk and interior fabric. The trays are made with very good quality materials, which is reflected in their beautiful finishes, their structure is metallic, so they are also very resistant. Inside they are lined with white fabric that can be removed if you want to wash it. Their beautiful design also makes them beautiful decoration pieces for us. MEASURES: Trunk: 60 * 40 * 40 Trays: 30 * 30 * 30 30 * 30 * 15

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