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REF: 60509GRB

30×30×30 y other measures

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23,55 € 19,46 € (without VAT)

Beautiful drawer with gray strips lined inside also with gray fabric. This drawer tray is ideal for organizing cabinets and storing all kinds of utensils. Its beautiful design makes it also ideal for home decoration.


The trays will become an essential element for the home, since they allow you to organize and order any space in your home. They can also serve as decoration of any corner of your home. For all these reasons, this tray is what you were looking for. This tray is made with very good quality materials which is reflected in its beautiful finishes, its structure is metallic so it is also very resistant. Inside is lined with gray fabric that can be removed if you want to wash it. Its beautiful design also makes it a nice decoration piece for us. This product is intended to serve as a chest of drawers in cabinets or chests of drawers, but it can also be used to make beautiful gifts (baby baskets) or lots of different products. MEASURES: 30 * 30 * 15 Available in other sizes and colors.

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