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Nice wooden trunk lined with poly leather on the outside and black fabric on the inside. It has two fittings to close it, two handles to transport the set. This trunk is great for decorating any room in our home, as well as serving as extra storage, as it is very sturdy and spacious.

The wooden trunks are perfect for decorating our home, they are an original and similarly classic element. But not only that, but these types of products are ideal for the extra storage that we need so much in our home. Therefore, we propose the NUMBERS WOODEN BOX so you can put a little order in your life without sacrificing style.

This trunk is made of very good quality wood, lined on the outside with leatherette and on the inside with black fabric. The product has two fittings and a flip cover, which allows you to close the assembly almost tightly, so that the items stored there will be well protected. Its design is very original, each trunk is numbered from highest to lowest with numbers from one to four, in this case the number chosen for this set is one and the color on which the white calligraphy is shaped, is red .

Highlights the typography chosen for writing, ancient, and classical as written with a fountain pen, which together with the aged and worn appearance of the product, gives the appearance of being an old trunk that hides innumerable secrets and has witnessed great experiences .

The BAÚL MADERA NUMBERS is also ideal for the storage of all kinds of objects, such as clothes, sheets, towels, CDS, books, school supplies, food. In short, this trunk can become for you and yours an indispensable element in your home, combining functionality and design.

MEASURES: 80 * 40 * 50 cm

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