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REF: 20104E

77×36×40 y other measures

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Large trunk made with braided enea in a light tone. This trunk is ideal for decorating rustic-style homes, as well as serving to store various utensils.

Trunk of Braided Enea and wood, this trunk is made by hand, it is a handmade product. Enea is a natural plant, it grows in the great rivers of Asia, for thousands of years it has been widely used to make artisan products, it is a material that here would be a bit like our wicker. With enea we manufacture from trunks, trays, baskets, baskets, flowerpots etc.

It is a very economical, resistant and large-capacity trunk to store clothes, shoes, books, toys, etc. They are trunks widely used to make Christmas gifts, Lots and Raffles. With a rustic design, it will give you a very particular touch, it will look great in any room in your country house, porch, garden.

Measures 77 * 36 * 40 cm, it is also available in other sizes.

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