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REF: 10520V

26×26×8.5 y other measures

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10,81 € 8,93 € (without VAT)

Practical tray made of hard fabric in green with a metallic structure. For storage in kitchen and bathroom.


The trays are and will always be a good ally in the home, either as an auxiliary storage element, or as a decoration of our home. The GREEN FABRIC ORGANIZER TRAYS are perfect for you and all the headaches caused by the lack of storage and disorder in our home. This tray is made with very good quality hard cloth, its structure is metallic so it is also very resistant. The product is made up of two square rock trays, a rectangular tray and a large square tray in which the other trays can be inserted if desired. This tray is designed for the organization of utensils, either in the kitchen (cutlery, napkins, food etc.) or in the bathroom (soaps, combs, scrunchies ...). Its design is very beautiful, so, at the same time as functional, it is perfect for decorating these spaces. MEASURES: Large tray: 26 * 26 * 8 Square trays: 12 * 12 * 8 Rectangular tray: 25 * 12 * 8

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