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REF: 20459

18×18×11 y other measures

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8,71 € 7,20 € (without VAT)

Set of round boxes in pink, with matching lid and bow. Its size is 18 * 18 * 11/15 * 15 * 9/13 * 13 * 8 cm.


These boxes are designed to make beautiful gifts on very specific dates such as Valentine's Day, Baby Births, Mother's Day, birthdays.

In them you can put from cosmetic products, perfumery, personal hygiene and endless products in which you need to put in a beautiful gift box. Surely you will have a precious gift with her, the person who receives this box will have a memory that she will never forget.

They can also be used to store small things that you need to have neat in your house, they will be beautiful in shelves and closets.

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