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REF: 62043S

23×23×21 y other measures

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25,91 € 21,41 € (without VAT)

Set of baskets made of jute and braided wool. These baskets are ideal for storage and home decoration.


Baskets or baskets are and will always be a good ally in the home, either as an auxiliary storage element, or as decoration for our home. The S/10 NATURAL JUTE PLANTER set is perfect for you and all the headaches caused by the lack of storage and clutter in our home. These baskets are made of jute, a natural and ecological material from Asia. This material is of very good quality, which is why they have very beautiful finishes. They have great capacity and are very resistant. They have two handles to transport them. Its design is very beautiful as it is braided with wool. The most notable thing about this material is that its versatility allows it to be used to decorate both modern and rustic homes.

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