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REF: 60471S

43×35×57 y other measures

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62,64 € 51,77 € (without VAT)

Set of 3 wicker baskets to store clothes, toys, shoes, etc. and keep the home organized.


Set of three brown wicker wardrobes, perfect for storing laundry. They are made with very good quality wicker, they are very resistant and spacious. Inside, they are lined with a beige fabric with the inscription "Laundry". The fabric can also be separated from the wardrobes, so there is no problem if you want to wash it.

The set has a hinged lid. Its design highlights the combination of brown colors of the wardrobe with bow detail on the front. This product is designed to store dirty clothes before doing the laundry, although it can also be used for other uses, such as a toy box in a children's room. Its beautiful color will make it fit anywhere in the home.

Measurements: 43 * 35 * 57 cm, 37 * 28 * 49 cm and 33 * 22 * 41 cm.

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