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REF: 10325S

70×40×12 y other measures

In stock

36,47 € 30,14 € (without VAT)

Set of 3 trays made of light wicker with white fabric inside. These trays are ideal for storing clothes after doing the laundry or as decoration in any corner of our home.


Collection of wicker and fabric trays to place clothes. These trays are in high demand by our customers to put towels, sheets, and other clothes that once ironed you have to place them in the cabinets. Our clients also use it to display food products in shops or to make Christmas batches since they support weight very well. They are some trays that you are going to give a lot of use to, perhaps it is one of the most sold trays by us. Measurements: 70 × 40 × 12 cm, 60 × 35 × 11 cm and 50 × 30 × 10 cm.


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