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REF: 10538GA


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12,04 € 9,95 € (without VAT)

Gray felt basket with handle. This basket is available in 3 different sizes.


Baskets are one of those home accessories that will never go out of style, as they are the ideal solution for both storage and decoration. This GRAY FELT BASKET is what you need to turn your home into a more comfortable place. This basket is made of better quality felt, so it has very good finishes and is very resistant. As it is made of fabric, it can be easily stored and transported. Its design gives it a modern and chic look, perfect for a minimalist-style home. It is gray in color and has black rope details that form cross-shaped drawings that simulate the product's seams. This product is therefore the perfect mix between elegance, simplicity and utility. Choose the favorite corner of your house and wear this beautiful GRAY FELT BASKET MEASURES: 40 * 29 * 26 Available in other sizes and designs.

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