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REF: 20310GB

30×20×9 y other measures

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Gray cardboard suitcase for babies. Simple and sweet design ideal to be the welcome gift of a newborn. Inside, it is stamped with gray polka dots, and includes a little sign on which you can put the baby's name and date of birth.


The birth of a new little person is one of the most special moments in a family. This gray cardboard suitcase can be the perfect welcome gift for her.

It is a case with a briefcase in which you can include all the things that may need future parents and the new baby. Bottles, pacifiers, diapers or some clothes.

Inside, it is stamped with polka dots in the same shade of gray and includes a sign in which you can put the baby's name and date of birth, so it is a customizable gift.

In addition, once the child grows, its design allows it to be used as a decorative and storage element for the house. The best gift for the kings of the house.


Available in other sizes.

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