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Precious metal mesh basket in a dark tone as an old basket to transport eggs. Its design is perfect for decorating a house with a rustic or even more contemporary look.



Baskets can become one of the most essential elements in our home, since on the one hand they are very practical, since they allow the storage of our most precious belongings, and on the other they are a decorative element for any room in our house. The METAL BASKET FOLDING HANDLES HENCH is an example of this fusion between functionality and design. This basket is made of dark metal arranged in the form of a grid, the entire basket is made of this material, and has a very resistant structure. Its folding handles allow it to be easier to transport and store. Its design aims to emulate the old baskets that the old women of the place used to go to collect eggs. So its design has a rustic and country touch but also, for its dark, modern and current tones. This basket will look great in any corner of your home, providing, simplicity and elegance. MEASURES: 29 * 17 * 15 cm


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