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35×25×14 y other measures

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Dark metal basket arranged in the shape of a grid. It has two folding handles which facilitate its transport and storage. Inside, it is lined with beige fabric. Basket designed as an old basket to store eggs.

Baskets are one of those home accessories that will never go out of style, as they are the ideal solution for both storage and decoration. This GALLINERO FOLDING HANDLES BASKET is what you need to turn your home into a more comfortable place. The basket is completely made of dark metal, but inside it has a beige fabric lining, adorned with a beautiful maroon bow. The set has two folding handles, which allow it to be transported and stored more easily. The design of the basket is designed to evoke the baskets that were used in the past to collect and store eggs. This basket is ideal for storing food such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, bread etc. In addition to serving as a decoration for a rustic or country-style home. MEASURES: 35 * 25 * 14

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