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28×18.5×23 y other measures

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Beautiful pack for Valentine's Day gift. It includes a nice plush of a bunny, a flower pot in the shape of a bicycle in white and a nice bag in pink as a finishing touch for the pack.


Are you fed up with the typical Valentine's Day gifts? Give originality and sweetness with this beautiful "Enjoy the trip" pack. This pack is made up of a beautiful white bunny plush toy. Ideal as a detail for the important people in your life. Measurements: 25 × 18 × 10 cm. A beautiful and original flower pot in the shape of a bicycle made of white wood. This planter is ideal to decorate any space in our home. And an elegant bag with a pink and white striped design and a pink fabric bow detail. This bag is ideal to include the rest of the pack in it and present a nice gift. Measurements: 44 × 31 × 12 cm

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