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Multicolored folding hard cardboard box. It has two metal handles for transport and a red cover. This box is great for home decoration and storage of small things.


We all have something important that we keep suspicious. The boxes are the perfect allies to store all those we need to keep. Therefore, the CARTON COLOR BOX is the product you were looking for. This box is made of very good quality hard cardboard, so, apart from being light, it is resistant. It has a cover that is completely removed. It also has two metal handles for transport. This box is foldable so it can be easily stored if it is not being used. Its design is very cheerful and colorful since the body of the product combines various fun colors such as green, orange or yellow. The box is completed with a cover in red tone with silver metal rivets. In addition, its glossy finishes will provide luminosity and warmth to the room in which you decide to place it. This box is ideal for storing small things like jewelry, pencils, makeup, or for packing a gift. MEASURES: 40 * 31 * 19

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