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REF: 10590B

50×35×48 y other measures

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12,55 € 10,37 € (without VAT)

Beautiful wicker basket in a dark and bright tone, made by hand. This basket is ideal for home decoration, for storage, to make precious gifts or batches of products.


The baskets will become everything you need in your home, since on the one hand they are very practical, since they allow the storage of all kinds of utensils and on the other, they are perfect decoration elements in any room of our home. The BROWN DECORATED METAL WICKER BASKET is a clear example. This basket is made of very good quality wicker in a brown tone, its structure is metallic so it is a very resistant product. In addition, this basket has a large capacity which makes it an ideal product for the storage of different items. This basket has a very striking and original design, it is made up of thin layers of wicker in a dark brown tone. It stands out above all its beautiful handle and the metallic decorations that surround the basket in its upper part in light brown color, and with a geometric pattern This basket is great for home decoration with modern style, in addition to its beautiful and original design. makes it ideal for giving different gifts or for batches of different products. SIZES: 50 * 35 * 48 Available in other sizes.


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