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REF: 60496MA

72×32×32 y other measures

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43,45 € 35,91 € (without VAT)

Dark wicker trunk with beige fabric inside. This trunk is very resistant and has a great capacity.Ideal for storage and decoration


Trunks are an original and effective alternative for extra storage at home. This wicker trunk is the perfect option to have your home always collected, tidy and to your liking.
The trunk is made of very good quality braided wicker, so it has beautiful finishes. This trunk has a fabric inside to facilitate storage, the fabric can be removed and is washable. Its cover is hinged and can also be removed in case you want to use it as a chest.
It stands out for its beautiful design and its bright brown color that combines perfectly with the beige color of the interior fabric.This trunk is ideal for storage and decoration of any room in the home.
MEASURES: 72 * 32 * 32 cm

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