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REF: 20337C


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7,87 € 6,50 € (without VAT)

Hard cardboard brown suitcase with white letter print. It has a handle and a safety lock.


The boxes or chests are an original and effective alternative to obtain extra storage at home. This BROOKLYN SUITCASE is the perfect option to have your home always collected, tidy and to your liking. This box is made of very good quality hard cardboard, so that apart from being light it is resistant. It has a hinged cover and metal hardware to close it. It also has a metal handle to carry it. Its design is very elegant since the body of the product combines brown and yellow colors in the printed letters. This box is ideal for the storage of small things such as jewelry, pencils, makeup, or for packing a gift. MEASURES: 30.5 * 18 * 9

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