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REF: 10468BB

20×20×11 y other measures

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3,32 € 2,74 € (without VAT)

Beige fabric tray with metal structure, very resistant and beautiful. Designed for the decoration of our home.



Trays are the ideal solution for storing clean clothes after doing the laundry. In addition to being a perfect presentation method, it allows us to quickly and orderly see everything that we keep in them. This Beige Cloth Tray is the right solution for all the headaches caused by the lack of storage and disorder in our home. This tray is made of interlaced nylon in a beige tone, and its structure is made of metal, which gives it great resistance. Its design is simple but effective and elegant. This product is designed for the small things, although it can also serve as home decoration. Power is in the imagination and without a doubt, this tray allows our imagination to run wild. MEASURES: 20 * 20 * 11 Available in brown.

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